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Asset scorer

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The asset scorer pipeline calculates a metadata completeness score for assets every time they are created or modified.

Use cases

  • Provide at-a-glance trust metric indicating the degree (or lack) of enrichment of an asset
  • Gamify your teams' enrichment process to strive towards leveling-up this quantified metric



  • Asset types: the types of assets to score. Leaving this blank will score all assets.


  • Run as...: choose how you want the workflow to run, either as the user who configures it (default) or through a specific API token's permissions.

    Relies on permissions of this actor

    Note that the pipeline will have the same permissions as the actor you choose here. If you run as the user configuring the workflow, and that user does not have access to modify certain assets, then the pipeline will not have access to update the scores for those assets, either.

What it does

On any asset creation or change, recalculates this score using the following logic1:

Non-glossary assets

Criteria Score
Has any description 1.0
Has a business term assigned 1.0
Has at least one tag 1.0
Has at least one owner 1.0
Has lineage 1.0
Total possible score 5.0

Glossary terms

Criteria Score
Has any description 0.75
Has at least one related term 0.5
Has at least one linked resource 0.5
Has at least one linked asset 1.0
Has draft / verified certificate 0.75 / 1.25
Has README of > 100 characters 0.25
Has README of > 500 characters +0.25
Has README of > 1000 characters +0.5
Total possible score 5.0
How it works

When running the pipeline's configuration, it will create (if it does not exist) a custom metadata structure to capture an asset completeness score:

  • Custom metadata name: Scorecard
  • Attribute to capture the score: Overall

At the same time, it will also creates a badge called Overall on top of the Scorecard.Overall attribute:

  • Showing a green score for any value greater than or equal to 3.5.
  • Showing a yellow score for any value between 2.5 and 3.5.
  • Showing a red score for any value less than or equal to 2.5.

It will then pass over your configuration to the always-on pipeline, which should automatically sync the configuration and begin applying scores within a few minutes of the configuration process completing.

The on-going scoring process then involves:

  1. Any change to any asset you configured (whether created or updated) will trigger a score recalculation.
  2. The current view of the asset will be queried from Atlan. This ensures even if events arrive out-of-order or there is some delay before they are processed the score will always reflect the latest information we know about the asset.
  3. The score will be recalculated based on the logic defined above.
  4. If the score has changed, the asset will be updated with the new score (otherwise it will be left as-is, unchanged).

  1. Currently the scoring criteria is not configurable. Please reach out to us if this would be helpful for you!