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Revive inactive dbt relations


When a dbt model is archived, its relationship with the assets it had materialized also gets severed, even when the said assets are still active. This can potentially lead to loss of information, leaving the users unable to trace the origins of a given warehouse asset back to the dbt model.


Data teams may manually version their models and only upload the most recent version of their models to the dbt S3 bucket for ingestion. The tables materialized by these models are also versioned and no table is ever re-materialized by an updated version of the associated model. As a result of this model versioning, the system decouples the archived, outdated models and the associated materialized assets, leading to confusion during RCAs caused by the inability to trace down asset origins. Retaining the materialization relationships for archived assets is high priority for them for user rollout.


This package scans all archived dbt models for inactive materialization relationships to still-active data assets. It then reactivates those relations on the archived model. Additionally, it also revives the relationships the models had with their archived column assets.