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Tableau Migration Manager

The Tableau Migration Manager package provides asset enrichment migration capabilities for Tableau assets. The package solves the problem of loss of enrichment when as asset is moved at the source from one Tableau Project (folder) to another (resulting in archival of the original Atlan asset and creation of new one instead). This also solves for scenarios where a Tableau asset is duplicated from another and requires migration of associated asset enrichment. The package requires the users to create a custom metadata with a URL property on the new asset to store the reference to the original source asset the enrichment needs to be migrated from.

The target asset (asset to transfer the enrichment to) should have a link in the url property of the custom metadata created. This link should be the reference URL for source asset (asset to pick the attributes from). This source asset can be archived or active, whereas the target asset should be an active asset. An example of the source asset reference link is : https://{tenant-domain}/assets/{asset-guid}/overview

Create Custom Metadata : Store source asset link
  • Go to Governance and select Custom Metadata.
  • Create a new custom metadata and note the name(this will be the custom metadata name input for the workflow,e.g.: Old Asset).
  • Create a property in this custom metadata with type URL and limit it to Tableau asset types(the name of the property is the second input for the workflow,e.g.: Asset Link).


  • Tableau Connection : Select the tableau Connection for which you want to migrate asset enrichments (condition : both the source and target exists in this connection).
  • Custom Metadata Name : Name of the custom metadata created to store the source assets URL.
  • Custom Metadata Property Name : Name of the URL type property inside the custom metadata that will be used to store the source asset url.
  • Migration Mode : Select the migration mode for the workflow.
    • Force Update : No checks on the target asset for the existance of enrichment, rather moves any enrichment found in the source asset to the target asset.
    • Update If Empty : Check in the target asset first and update only when there exists no enrichment for an attribute and there exists some value for the same in the source asset.


  • One workflow per tableau connection. Cannot migrate enrichments between assets in different connections.
  • Update If Empty option does not move a custom metadata enrichment if the target has a value for any one of the properties for the custom metadata.
  • Asset links for source asset in the custom metadata should be like this : https://tenant-domain/assets/asset-guid/overview..

What it does

Searches for all the assets in the selected connection with a value in the provided custom metadata. Depending on the migration mode selected, performs some checks and then migrates the asset enrichments from source to target asset. The enrichments migrated are :

  • Links
  • Stars
  • Terms
  • Tags
  • Atlan Owners
  • Announcements
  • Certificate
  • Description
  • Custom Metadata
How it works
  • Searches in the selected tableau connection for active assets which have any value inside the custom metadata property provided to the workflow.
  • Active assets in the connection with an asset url (url of source asset) in the custom metadata property provided is returned from the search.
  • Retrives the target asset(from the search) and the source asset(from the custom metadata link).
  • Asset Matching is done through guids. Target asset guid is returned from the search (containing the source asset link in custom metadata property) and source asset guid is retrieved from the link provided.
  • Performs checks depending on the migration mode selected and migrate the attributes enrichments.
  • Removes the URL from the target assets custom metadata and saves the asset.