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PowerBI Columns -> Dataset lineage

The PowerBI Columns -> Dataset lineage package generates lineage from Power BI Columns to Power BI Dataset. The package will give visibility on which columns are used by each Power BI report.

Prerequisite - reference

  • Enabling Developer Mode (Preview) in PowerBI Desktop

    • On your PowerBI Desktop, Go to File > Options and settings > Options > Preview features and check the box next to “Power BI Project (.pbip) save option”.
  • Saving a PowerBI Project as PBIP file:

    • Create a folder for each Power BI report. The folder name must be equal to the Powber BI report ID.
    • Upload in the S3 folder the report.json file located in the .Report folder (download from Power BI).

    S3 Bucket

    Either the Atlan or your own S3 bucket can be used to upload the report.json file.

    • Create a container to upload the report.json files. The container has to contain only the report.json files.
    • The file name must follow the following format: Power BI report ID@@@file name.json (e.g. ab261edd-6abf-46ae-a11b-f12d0ba2f988@@@report.json)


  • Output type, default: Generate Lineage:
    • Generate Lineage: to generate the lineage on Atlan.
    • Delete Lineage: to delete the lineage on Atlan.
  • Connection: Atlan Power BI connection associated to the Power BI reports in scope.
  • Input: where the report report.json files are stored.

    • S3 Bucket: s3 bucket name
    • S3 Path: folder path with trailing slash - atlan/export/
    • S3 Region: s3 bucket region
    • Azure Client ID: unique application (client) ID assigned to your app by Azure AD when the app was registered.
    • Azure Client Secret: client secret.
    • Azure Tenant ID: unique identifier of the Azure Active Directory instance.
    • Storage Account Name: name of the Azure storage account.
    • Container name: name of the container where the files are stored.

What it does

  1. Fetch report.json files located either on AWS S3 or Azure Blob.
  2. Parse the file and generate PowerBI Columns -> Dataset lineage