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Designation-based Group Provisioning

Handles automated provisioning of Atlan groups based on the designations selected by the users at the time of first login. Requires an input file providing mapping of standard Atlan designations against the desired groups to map against. Optionally creates any groups if needed and removes users thus mapped from any default groups they may be part of. Any users without a valid designation are provisioned into the group mapped against "Other"


Mapping File

Provide a CSV file with mapping for Atlan designation values and the Atlan groups they need to be provisioned against. Ref - Mapping-File-Template

Handling of missing groups

Choose to automatically create any mapped groups in the input that do not yet exist in the instance or skip provisioning for such non-existent groups.

Removal from DEFAULT groups

DEFAULT groups are automatically linked to every new user in the instance at the time of their account created. Optionally remove any member in a DEFAULT group already provisioned to at least one other non-DEFAULT group.

What it does

The package performs the following steps:

  • Gathers details on existing groups and users in the system.
  • Examines input mapping file to gather groups mapped to the designations. Creates any groups missing, if CREATE option is selected in the configuration.
  • Maps users to the groups based on their designations.
  • Removes mapped users from DEFAULT groups, if so indicated in the configuration.