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Dataplex enricher

The Dataplex enricher retrieves fields from Dataplex and attaches the values to Big Query assets (schemas and tables).



  • Organization ID: Google organization ID.
  • Service Account JSON: Google service account JSON.
  • Query: Dataplex query to extract tags.


  • Connection: Atlan Google Big Query connection where fields values extracted from Dataplex will be attached as custom metadata.
  • Custom metadata name: name of the custom metadata that will be created on Atlan.
  • Dataplex field list: list of Dataplex fields to be loaded in Atlan.
  • Hierarchy propagation:
    • No: fields values are attached to schemas.
    • Yes: fields values are attached to schemas and propagated to tables, views and materialised views.

What it does

  • Extract fields from Dataplex.
  • Create (if doesn't exist) or update the custom metadata structure.
  • Assign fields values to custom metadata properties.