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Azure API management Enricher

The Azure API management Enricher package gets API Spec(s) and API Path(s) from Azure API Management and upload them in Atlan.



  • Azure Client ID: unique application (client) ID assigned to your app by Azure AD when the app was registered.
  • Azure Client Secret: client secret.
  • Azure Tenant ID: unique identifier of the Azure Active Directory instance.
  • Azure Subscription ID: Azure subscription ID.
  • Azure API Resource Group: Azure API resource group.
  • Azure API Service


  • Connection: Atlan API connection where API Spec and API Path extracted from Azure API Management are uploaded.
  • API Spec Name: name of the API Spec to fetch from Azure API Management.


An API connection must be created on Atlan before using this package.

What it does

The package performs the following steps:

  • Get API Spec(s) and API Path(s) from Azure API Management.
  • (If not already created) Creates API Spec(s) and API Path(s) on Atlan.
  • Convert the API Spec(s) and API Path(s) metadata retrieved from Azure API Management in HTML.
  • Add a readme with all retrieved metadata to the relevant assets in Atlan.
  • Azure API Management tags are created in Atlan and assigned to the relevant Atlan assets.


If there is already a readme attached to the asset, the package will overwrite it.