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Custom Metadata Propagation

Allows for a custom metadata property to be propagated to assets over it's lineage graph.


Connection, Asset Type and Asset Qualified Name

Provide the details on the primary asset that would serve as the origin for the propagation.

Custom Metadata name and Custom Metadata Property Name

Provide the name of the Custom Metadata and the associated Property that needs to be propagated.

Propagation Direction

Select the direction of propagation relative to the primary asset - Upstream vs Downstream.

Additional Options

  • Optionally limit propagation to the connection or connector associated with the primary asset.
  • Optionally enable propagation of the custom metadata value to cloned assets and over their lineage graphs as well. Cloned assets are identified by the asset name (for Tables, Views, MaterializedViews) and parent-asset name (for Columns). For Tables/Views/MaterializedViews, this will include all assets starting with the same name as the primary asset. For Columns, this will include identically-named columns in assets starting with the same name as the parent asset of the primary Column asset.

What it does

The package performs the following steps:

  • Gathers details of primary asset, along with the current values of the Custom Metadata property.
  • Identify cloned/secondary assets if any and propagate the Custom Metadata property to those assets.
  • Determine the assets on the lineage graph for the primary asset (and secondary assets, if any) based on the propagation direction.
  • Propagate the custom metadata value for all lineage-based assets.